Documentation for FreeSewing [v2] contributors & developers

To learn more about FreeSewing and try our platform go to


This documentation is for version 2.x of FreeSewing

Documentation on this site is for version 2.x of FreeSewing. For documentation on the latest and greatest (3.x) refer to

Go to the version 3 documentation instead


To go fast, go alone

All you need is NodeJS; Then run:

npx @freesewing/new-design

This command will setup our stand-alone development environment for you


Use this if you want to do your own thing, and not contribute to FreeSewing

To go far, go together

First, fork our monorepo, then run:

git clone <url to your fork>
cd freesewing
yarn kickstart

These commands will clone your fork of the freesewing/freesewing repository on Github and set it up for development.


Use this if you want to contribute to FreeSewing, for the betterment of all involved

  • You need yarn to work with our monorepo
  • Clone the URL to your own fork:

Support FreeSewing

FreeSewing is fuelled by a voluntary subscription model

If you think what we do is worthwhile, and if you can spare a few coins each month without hardship, please support our work

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If it looks ok, great! But if not, please let me know about it. Either by reaching out on Discord or feel free to create an issue on Github.

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This idea is that it will auto-generate an image, but I am certain there are some edge cases where that will not work. There are hundreds of pages on this website and checking them all one by one is not something I see myself doing. But since you are here on this page, perhaps you could see if the image above looks ok.

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